Our Way Showers

The Heart's Journey by HoneyHeart Co. features Way Showers who are leaders in the realms of self-empowerment through various gifts that they bring to the collective. Each have their unique expression to help you overcome challenges and live with a boundless heart. They lovingly guide you forward to experience your healing transformation, self-realization, wellness, inner peace, conscious connection, artistic expression, written expression, spiritual growth, psychic development, alignment, intuitive mastery, divine embodiment, musical talents and much much more! Meet our growing Soul family.


Melissa White

Paula Meyer

Ethan Claire​

Theda Phoenix

Kimberly Morrow

Elias Patras

Kassandra Turmel

Matthew Kocel

Sue Lundquist

Tim Shields

Marisa Wilke

Cheryl & Christine Lyric

Dave Lundberg

Kim Boda

Krista - Wisteria Acres

This could be YOU!

Do you have a desire to share your gifts with the world? Connect now to let us know why you feel aligned with The Heart's Journey to get featured!